Old TV & newspaper interviews

S- Professor till attack mot utbrända - AFTONBLADET first page 14 April 2005 1&0

A sample of media interviews along the years, touching upon subjects also developed in this blog

and in this blog. But also some personal stuff

All material is copyright exempted and of public domain

I) Television

Interviews by TV Network Russia Today

First interview, aired 1 February 2001 [Click on image below for video]

profeRT-1st intervw

Second interview (exclusive interview) aired 27 March 2012 [Click on image below for video.  Some excerpts of the interview were published by RT here. A more extensive transcript of the interview published here].


Below, amateur video interview done after I attended the Assange extradition-hearing of the London Court of Appeals, March 2. Published in Youtube without my consent.


Censured interview?

The screenshot below, of a BBC sending, shows when I am being interviewed by Swedish SvT Channel 1 outside the Supreme Court — after the  Assange extradition verdict. Answering to the Swedish journalist,  I criticized Swedish MSM journalists in general, and from the very state-owned SvT1 in particular, for their biased anti-Assange reporting in Sweden. The SvT journalist asked me also “why do you defend Assange, and not the victims, the Swedish women”. The readers of ProfessorsBlogg can figure out my answer. SvT1 decided not to air the interview.


Interviews by Italian Television

Interview by Tele Giornale Nord – Genoa. Interview in Serra Riccò

[To see the video click on the image below]

TV Genoa2

Interview in the City of Noli. TGR (Liguria) Settimanale. Documentary

[To see the video click on the image below]


Another interview in Serra Riccò – Genoa

[To see the video click on the image below]


Interviews by Swedish Television

Interview by Channel 4 News, Sweden, 2008. Also in Channel 4 Webb-TV

profe-tv4  profe Kanal 4 News - afterwards in Webtv

Interviews Swedish National Television, SvT news (Rapport) and Channel 2 documentary

2001 – Rapport News

[Embed video due January 2013]

Svt Rapport intervju Karolinska Institutet 2000 b

1999 – Documentary

[Embed video due January 2013]


1996 – Rapport News

[Embed video due January 2013]

Svt Rapport intervju Karolinska Institutet 1996  Svt Rapport  KS1996

1990 – Rapport News

[Embed video due January 2013]

rapport 1990 DSC08474  Rapport 1990 DSC08485

Interviews in Channel 3, Sweden. News program

Kanal 3 intervju 1996

Swedish National Television, SvT news Gävle-Dalarna

svt news gv-dal 2008

Interviews Chilean Television

Televison Nacional de Chile, Santiago. TVN News 2005

[Embed video due January 2013]

Television Nacionl de Chile 24-4-03

I) Newspapers

Interview by newspaper Ystadsallehanda, Sweden, 19 July 2013

Ystadsallehanda 19 Juli 2013

Interview by newspaper El Telégrafo, Ecuador, July 2012

Full transcript of the interview (Spanish) here. For the published interview-text, and a translation (English), click on the image below.


Interview by London-based Swedish journalist Karin Wastenson, July 2011


Full text of the interview here

Interview by Dagens Nyheter, Sweden, 2008 [Click on image below for text]

dn interview2008clip

Interview by Arbetarbladet 2007

marcello i Arbetarbladet

Interview by DN – 2006 [Interview quoted in article below. Click on image]


Interview by Aftonbladet – 2005 [Click on image for the published interview]

Ferrada de Noli - Aftonbladet 2005

Interview in Geffle Dagbladet

Ute i kyla i Geffle Dagbladet

Interview by Svenska Dagbladet 2002 [Click on image below for text]


Interview by Aftonbladet

Interview by Expressen 2000


The Expressen’s interview took place  after the publication of my DN-debate article Utbrändhet, mest en mode trend, the first in my “burnout” series. The newspaper also interviewed Minister Mona Shalin on her opinion about my critical theses. here below Mona Sahlin’s reaction:

Mona Sahlin VS Ferrada-Noli


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