Sailing in Sweden

This is my sailboat “Mint”, an Albin Vega boat designed by Per Brohäll. It is the third Vega that I have had in Sweden. I purchased this one because it has a well-functioning Volvo Penta diesel engine. The 27-feet Vega has a proven trans-Atlantic capability. I got it in Landskrona in April 2016, three days before driving to Italy. The wind was against and quite strong, and I could hardly maneuver the boat from its bridge to the the crane-ramp. The pictures below are from 15 May 2016.

Mint vega1


Mint Vega2.JPG

Here below photos sailing my TUR 80 (also designed by Per Brohäll) in a northern archipelago by Rundvik, where is my summer house.

Photos below, 17 September 2014: Sailing my boat Miranda II. The TUR 80 has, in my opinion, better maneuverability than the Vega. On the other hand, the Vega feels safer and it has better equipment, such as roller furling, in-boom furling, etc.

- Swe boat, Italian flag, the Baltic Sea. 17 Sept 2014

- Really nice winds, sailing 17 sept 2014

- Italian flag sailing at the Baltic. 17 sept 2014

Miranda II resting peacifuly at a small island in the Baltic Sea. Evening 17 Sept 2014

Above: Miranda II at Tatarviken, September 2014


Above: Summer 2012, my sailing boat at Rundvik is a Tur 80, named “Miranda” in honour of my beloved cat Miranda 1996 –  † 2007


Marcello’s TUR 80 – here in the Mälaren, nearby of Enköping 25 July 2005

My sailing boat with the new windows

This is my sailing boat Miranda in Agust 2013, with new windows installed, at her dock in Rundvik

Marcello Ferrada de Noli - and his beloved Miranda

Miranda and I

In this pictorial-page I wish to share something about my sailing life in Sweden. I start with a pictorial from 2010 around my summer-house by the Baltic sea in Northern Sweden, the sailing boat, and the Boat club (Rundviks båtklubb) pretty near my where I live. In the second block there are pictures from my previous sailing in Central Sweden, at the Stockholm Archipelago  (my previous boat clubs at Bosön, Lidingö, and in Uppsasla,  Öregrund). You can see also  – in my page “Restoring Swedish wodden-boats” – photos of my sailing  wooden-boats which I have restored in the past. Although nowadays I stay most of the year in my house in Italy (S. Giovanni Bianco, Bergamo, in the Lombardi region),  I will never surrender – as long as I am able to – my summer experiences in the beautiful sea landscape of Sweden. Most beautiful among all  those surroundings, is in my opinion the Swedish High Coast (Höga kusten). Rundvik is situated by the North limit of  Högakusten.

Marcello Ferrada de Noli -sailing

Sailing the TUR 80 to Stokholm


Passing Enköpings Kanal

The harbour town of Rundvik [means = Round Bay], it is in Northern Sweden. More photos of this house and area can be seen here.

1.1. The summer-house  

cDSC01412The house after restoring, by August 2012

Drying sails Sept 2012Drying sails at the September late sun – 2012

View of garage and playhouseSummer 2011

sideFrom Strandgatan towards the house – 2012

From StrandvägenFrom Strandvägen towards the sea – 2012

rc DSC01948From the dinning room


1.2. My sailing boat “Miranda”, in the Rundvik Boat Club

These ugly lateral “windows” are now replaced by new ones corresponding to the original design by Per Brohäll



 TUR 80

1.3. The sailor

TUR 80 with a rather ugly “sun-glasses” cover. I sill change that Spring 2013


1.4. The boat club





1.5. Sweden Högakusten



2. My other sailing boats in Sweden

The Viggen

I had this Viggen (pictures below) from 2012 to 2015. A great sailboat but it had no ‘inside-engine’ and it felt rather small inside the cabin. It was taken over by a young sailor from Lithuania. We met then in Karlskrona, for me to deliver the boat.

The Viggen in 2013.JPG







The Vegas

It is not a coincidence that all my fiber-glass sailboats have been designed by Per Brohäll (the Tur 80, the Viggen, and the Vegas). The first Vega I had – I renamed her Lotta Continua (means ‘the struggle goes on’) – I bought it in Gävle and transported to Stockholm, where I kept it for about eleven years at the Bosön Boat Club, in Lidingö. The reason being that I lived during several years in a house “round the corner” from the club. In the same club I harboured my first wooden boats, since 1985. I had that Vega (seen down below) between 1992 and 2003. Then I bought the Tur 80 which I described above, and which I still sail in Rundvik. In 2008 I decided to move back to Italy but I did not want to leave Sweden completely. For this reason I chosen a port that is in about a southernmost latitude in Sweden (a ‘closest’ point to my house northern Italy).  There I brought my second Vega sailboat, which I bought in Tranås.

the Vega 2015.JPG

But the Vega shown above has one – for me unresolved – main problem. The Albin 0-21 engine was defective and the maneuver with an out-border engine, no mater relatively strong, was very tricky and annoying. So I replaced that Vega with this one here below, whose engine functions (so far) splendid. It is a Volvo Penta diesel. The only thing I miss from the older Vegas it is the mast and the boom, that in older years were done with more properties and finishing. But on the other hand, this new mast has a furling capability, and I also kept the roller kick from the previous Vega, just in case.

Mint Vega2

mint vega  3.JPG

3. My previous sailing

 Marcello’s “Lotta Continua I”.  At Bosön Boat Club. Lidingö 1993

Middsummer in “La Lotta Continua -I” 1994, With Cookie

Sailing to Sandhamn in La Lotta Continua I , 1996, with Cookie
“La lotta continua” means Kampen går vidare, or The struggle goes on

Cruising at Stockholm’s Arkipelago in La Lotta Continua I 1995

Heading to Sandhamn in La Lotta Continua I 1996

Sailing with dear son Rodrigo in La Lotta Continua I

Dinning on board of La Lotta Continua I, 1995


Marcello, Il Capitano della Lotta Continua I, 1989

At a Lidingö Bay, 1992


7 thoughts on “Sailing in Sweden

  1. Marcello que gusto verte tan bien, tu página y descubrimientos sobre famiglia De Noli and history es fascinante. Estoy orgullosa de ser tu prima y de llevar el mismo apellido.
    un abrazo
    MARIA ANGELICA NOLI, esposo e hijos
    Murrieta, California

  2. Good morning Professor.

    Nice pictures and informations you give here.
    Are Swedish citizen, and can communicate in Swedish if you prefer.
    Are from Stockholm, but live most of the time in Malaysia, Thailand where I have an one sailboat build 1967.
    My age are 67 year ( young ) and I have same sickness, but don,t want to stay in my home in Sweden of this reason.
    My worlds are ” newer give up ” and think about your sickness.
    Have sail since I were 35 year, in Europe.
    My boat are an RHODES RELIANT 41 YAWL, who I send pictures of, if you are interested.
    Nice pictures of your TUR 80.
    Looking actually for an smaller sailboat in Sweden, as I are retired and like to stay in Sweden summer time, when we have nice summer there.
    Here in Langkawi, Mlaysia, are 6 months monsoon period, with a lot of rain and hard wind.
    The dest boat period here are from December to the end of May

    Plan to stay in Sweden from May to October, and maybe get an TUR 80 in Sundsvall, for a good price.

    Hope you respond to the letter, and send me same informations.
    M boat have also a lot of wood parts, but have glasfiber hull and deck.
    You can easily see the boat if you Google at “rhodes reliant 41 yawl”.

    Wait with interest for your reply.

    Best wishes from

    Hans Lindman

    Langkawi, Malaysia
    S / V William T.Piquette ( US registered, but will be Swedish flagged )

  3. Ciao!
    ho anch’io comprato un TUR 80 che ha bisogno di qualche rinnovo, sono a Västerås.
    E’ possibile contattarti per avere qualche dritta?
    Un saluto e grazie in anticipo

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