Wooden-boats restoring. My Hobby

 Freedom. A sailboat is a symbol and a tribute to freedom. Freedom of displacement, to reach other coasts and horizons. Since it is only the wind that keeps sails on, a sailing boat it is freedom itself.  Wooden boats give to the beauty freedom has, yet a heightened aesthetical dimension.  I love wooden yachts, and freedom, and sailing.  Here you will find some pictures and links to pages of my current and former wooden boats I have restored. It has been a most rewarding hobby!

I have currently three sailboats: a) A TUR-80 (“Miranda”) which I keep in Rundvik, in my summer house in Northern Sweden; b) a Vega, which I have in the Ystad Yatch Club  (both sailing boats seen in my page Sailing in Sweden); and c) a newly acquired Hallberg-Rassy from 1972 (pictures here below) which by now is taking some place in our garden at the Ystad house.

Marcello's Hallberg-Rassy 1972 Misil 1.JPG

hallberg-rassy 1972.JPG

Earlier, until July 2010 I had also a wooden Star boat.  It was the last (so far!) of my wooden-boat restoring projects. Other boats are depicted thereafter below. Yes, I almost forgotten the Selcos. Selco fleet is a vintage Norwegian boat from the 50´s and sixties propelled with an equal veteran Mercury from 1966. I have had two of those Selco for restoring, wich it was completed in 2006 and 2008 alternatively (pictures down below).


Star boat Nr. 5093 Swedish construction  6,91 X 1,73 mts
(year 1963). It was my wooden-boat project for 2007-2009
 The picture above is when I fetch her in Ekerö


 My restoring project of 2004-2005. A folkboat I found in Enköping


Restoring project of the NeptunewCruiser “La Lotta Continua II”

Completed restoring of my Neptune Cruiser “La Lotta Continua II”  Summer 2002      



Neptune Cruiser “La Lotta Continua II”  Summer 2002       



First test of “La Lotta Continua II”, after restoring.  Summer 2002       




This was my first folkbåt. Folkbåt means “Boat of the People”. Here we are approaching Luz and Ove’s dock at their house in Lidingö. Sailing with Lena Edlund.
Bosön,  Lindingö 1990-





Heading to Lindingo bay in Boat of the People, my folk boat, 1988        





Marcello’s  first Neptune Cruiser. Lidingö 1984


Peterson boat. This is a Pettersson båt, constructed by C.G Pettersson himself 1934. I restored it while I lived Lidingö, in the 80´s

While doing the restoring job at the yards of Bosön Boat Club, in Lidingö, several club-members  expressed their irritation for me having such “skräp” [junk] in the conspicuous Bosön yard. Such old and battered boat that no one believed it could ever make it! I remember a beautiful and sunny late-afternoon in the  Stockholm’s brief Spring, when Swedes take enthusiastic and cheerful walks around the Club’s yard. I was an architect of name Staffan passing by with two friends while I was trying to repair a hole in the wood under the water-line section, with a cooper plate. BTW a tricky and demanding operation. They stopped, and standing a few meters from me  shaken their heads. I thought, fine! At last some people giving me some support (I knew Staffan from before). I was utterly wrong. Staffan approached to me holding a match in his right hand, and said, “This is the best advice we can give to you about your junk, burn it!”

Nevertheless I finally put the boat in the water and it did stay afloat with remarkable endurance. Believe it or ot, I even took it at once for a brief test of the Volvo engine I have repaired (an adapted automobile B-20, which also worked perfectly) near the docks, in front of the astonished Swedes. Then I removed the Swedish flag and put the Italian one, and came back to shore strand, leaving the Petterson together with some few other woddden boats for the customary time of water-impregnation of the woods.

It was a happy day to remember, among many others the Pettersson boat indulged us in the summers to come. Two years after I received a call from Stellan Skarsgard, the prominent Swedish actor, and told me he wanted to see the boat, for he was interested in buying a boat of that type. I had met Stellan time before at a dinner hosted by one of my best friends, the late Daniel Moore (married to the sister of Stellan’s wife. It was one of those  remarkable dinners Daniel treated us with “Escargot Provencal”). Stellan came to the dock “D” at Bosön Boat Club together with wife Nina and kids, and we took a brief cruising. That was all, and I do not know if Stellan bought with the time a Pettersson boat or if he opted for another one. But he did say the Pettersson has beautiful lines. And it has indeed! Here is a picture of a Pettersson boat model by Fartygsmagasinet:



      My children Christopher and Caroline Ringskog Ferrada-Noli inspecting our Pettersson boat at Bosön Boat Club,  in Lidingö



6 thoughts on “Wooden-boats restoring. My Hobby

  1. Dear Marcello, thanx to share these beautiful pics….!!
    Greetings from a fellow italian sailor who moved abroad looking for freedom.

  2. Ich froie mich sehr ,querido Marcello,perdón profesor,te felicito por las fotos y tus logros en la restauración de los veleros con historia que nos llevan a un vuelo de libertad y mas aun en buena compañía,que felicidad.Me vuelvo a acordar de ti de los reales y buenos amigos,al leer Detrás del muro de roberto ampuero

  3. Professor.
    Like you I have a fascination for Scandinavian wooden yachts. I had a Tumlaren (No.6) Kestrel for many years and having restored her raced her out of my home port of Falmouth England – the best boat I ever owned! Since then circumstances meant that I had to scale down to old Merlin Rockets, which I restored and raced on the Thames.
    Now I have a carvel Folkboat (actually my family had another one down in Falmouth when I had my Tumlaren) built in 1963 at Portsmouth which I am restoring; she was built to UK Lloyds 100A1 specification and is in almost perfect condition with no rot, beautiful craftsmanship.She is the sistership to Col.Blondie Haslar’ Jester, built alongside her at the same yard. She will be on the water down at Portland England in April or May 2016.
    There is nothing so fulfilling like restoring an old wooden lady to her former glory.
    Christopher Ledger

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