Marcello’s beauties





I have had three passions in my long car-life: Restoring vintage Volvo Amazons and P1800, restoring old Jaguars, and driving  Alfa Romeos GT & GTV for the joy of it. Click on the links below for these beauties that I have restored and given to me so much pleasure. I have also fancy sailing and to restore old wooden 1969-1.JPG

The Volvos: Amazon 122S sport, 121, 123GT and the Volvo Sport P1800

az0  Marcello's Amazon1962  Marcello's 123GT -1967  Marcello's fam & P1800

The Jaguars

Marcello's Jauar collection at Mirandas Gård

    same jag

My Jaguar collection at Mirandas Gård, 2008

Alfa Romeos GT & GTV

Marcello's old ARomeo GTV  Marcellos old GTV - Stockholm  ar2 Marcello's Alfa ''Plan B'' Marcello's Alfa Romeo GTV

The bikes: Italian Moto Gilera, Triumph Bonneville, German Maico, Honda 500

DSC00376  My bike in the kitchen copy

I admit that have fancied the mechanics of good old sport or classical cars all my life. In fact, I have been a loyal worDad's Pontiac Roadstershipper since – when at  my age of 8 – my father bought himself a vintage Pontiac Roadster 1930 (here in the photo at right), which. We called it Vecchio Prezzemolo, for so it looked before the restoring beside the “normal” car he drove at the time (a post WW-II Ford). I never cared whether my passion was politically or socially correct amid the stereotype circle of leftists intellectuals of the 70’s or other café-revolutionaries around us. I bet it wasn’t. In younger years it was even “worse”, when I explored the roads of life riding on heavy motorcycles – sport that I “inherited” from by eldest brother Riccardo. However, the true revolutionaries I have met since late childhood – my dearest friends Miguel Enríquez, Bautista Van Schouwen, etc. – never criticized me for that, or for any social taste for that part. At the contrary, they did like it speedy themselves, and they drove Austin Mini Cooper. It was at the time the hippies of our age drove Citroen 2CV or some times just drove marihuana.

On the other hand, while many of such circles living contemporary to us were devoted worshippers of commercialized “stars” of dubious quality; and fancied to scream collectively, pointless and futile inside the capsule of “rock concerts” – I have never ever used my time on that; and neither did my above mentioned friends. It is not a criticism; it  is more a claim on the perfect right to chose how to experience our free-time differently than the alienated crowd. But I loved music, and I played the guitar for ladies and the cello for friends in the quietness of privacy; or screamed loud in street demonstrations. And I drove further, or sail deep in the calm of the sea. No such so-called “concerts” for us, no such so-called “arenas” for us. No Roman circus, thanks. As a matter of fact, I have never been in “Globen” and as a grown up adult I have never been in a Football stadium in any other condition than as a prisoner of war or political hostage.

The only thing I mean to say is that there are tastes for everybody’s taste. Respete y será respetado, to put it cliché-wise. Those like in my case have spent a great deal of their spare time in restoring wooden-boats and vintage cars knows that is both an enjoyable and practical hobby. Welcome to the gallery “Marcello’s beauties” by clicking gently on Elvegreen’s art bellow

classic cars pinup

In my older days: Getting into the garage! – Summer 2012
getting in the garage - 2012Marcellos Merca 300 SLMy Mercedes 300 SL. This is the car that accompaned me in my travels  to Italy during Spring and Summer between 2010 and 2016. That year I changed it for an all-season Volvo XC-90
 And off to wintering in Italiadriving the Explorer to Italy WInter 2012with my reliable Ford Explorer





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