Miguel Enriquez & friends

[All images/photos in this page are of my private collection, correspond to own materials and/or donations, and I post them here for public domain (copyright exempted)] licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

On heroe Miguel Enríquez , dearest friend, and other close  friends of my generation R.I.P., e.g.  Bautista Van Schouwen, Nelson Gutiérrez, and others.

Miguel Enríquez y Marcello Ferrada-Noli. Concepción, 1957

van_schowen__ferrada-noli__miguel_enriquez__3_founders-of-mirBautista Van Schouwen, Marcello Ferrada-Noli, and Miguel Enríquez. February 1961. At Alameda Bernardo O’Higgins, Santiago de Chile. Photo taken by D. Ulloa. Donated to Marcello Ferrada-Noli in 2009.

Miguel_Enriquez_Espinosa_and_Marcello_Ferrada-Noli_!967Miguel Enríquez y Marcello Ferrada-Noli. 1967. Photo taken by Inés Enríquez with a Yashika camera (Miguel’s). He donated the picture to me as colour “slide” (transparency) in 1967. It was converted into the black & white image above at a MIR photo-lab in Norway 1976. This picture, as all the others in this page, of my private collection, correspond to own materials and/or donations, and I post them here for public domain (copyright exempted)



My dear friends Bautista Van Schouwen and Rodrigo Rojas-Mackenzie, 1965. Rodrigo survived imprisonment in Pinochet’s P.O.W. camps (I shared with Rodrigo the same collective cell at Concepción Football Stadium before our departure to different concentration camps. He was sent to Chacabuco, and I was sent to Quiriquina Island). Rodrigo is now a chief medical doctor in Germany. He is the oldest son of the acclaimed Chilean poet Gonzalo Rojas (among other, award-winner of the Chilean National Prize for Literature). Here below a close-up of the same image, portraying  Bautista Van Schouwen.



I also post this zoomed-image from a group photo taken at the Dept of Anthropology (Centro de Arqueología y Antropología) of the University of Concepción in March 1967. Both Bautista and I were enrolled as students of Anthropology, parallel to our regular studies of medicine, alternatively philosophy/law.


1977, still in MIR two years after Miguel’s dead. I depict here in the background the red & black left-liberarian’s flag. In 1965 I designed  The MIR’s flag and I got it approved as the offitial flag of MIR at the Foundation Congress of MIR. I used the same basic colours of both the anarchist flag and of  the 26th of July Movement.


Marcello-Ferrada-Noli_&_Jorge_Gutierrez_Correa.2009Here recalling early MIR times with Jorge Gutiérrez Correa, at his residence in Las Condes, 2009. Jorge Gutiérrez Correa was one of the original five members of the fraction “PMSR” (“Por Un Movimiento Socialista Revolucionario”), the core-group developed at the University of Concepción 1961-1962, when we were around 18 years old. The group consisted in Miguel Humberto Enríquez Espinosa (medicine), Marco Antonio Enríquez Espinosa (history), Marcello Ferrada-Noli (philosophy, law), Jorge Gutiérrez Correa (medicine), and Bautista Van Shouwen Vasey (medicine). In 1962 we became a fraction inside the Socialist Party, youth division (“Juventud Socialista”)  in Concepción, nucleated in the cell “Espartaco” (also named “Sierra Maestra”) where I was the cell-leader. Ousted from the Socialist Party in February 1964 by Chile’s Socialist Party boss, Senator Raúl Ampuero (at that very time I was in military training in Cuba) we continued working as “Movimiento Socialista Revolucionario”. By that time the cell-leader was Miguel Enríquez. Later in 1964 we even joined for a short while the VRM (although continuing operating there as an ideological/political fraction) from where we exit together with Trotskyists  cadres which participated at the VRM from before. In August 1965 we founded MIR in Santiago de Chile. Jorge Gutierrez left MIR in 1967. With the years he became president of the Chilean Oncology Association and a chief-doctor at the Clínica Las Condes in Santiago de Chile.


2 thoughts on “Miguel Enriquez & friends

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  2. con gran cariño , lealtad , y nostalgia recuerdo mis principios de revolucionario quiero desearles a todos Uds. mis mas sentimientos leales a la causa que emprendieron y que hasta hoy continua ,, quizas apagada por la hipocresia ,desidia e ignorancia que han ramificado los que pregonan ser de izquierda y del pueblo …los que hoy estan en el poder y han sido complices de los crímenes de Pinochet La lucha continua !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Un recuerdo a los caídos , un abrazo a los que quedan …las historia sabra…

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