Living in Ystad, Sweden

I have had wonderful parties with  family and Swedish friends at the garden of this house in beautiful Ystad. Ystad is the southernmost port of Sweden, and there is also a nice boat club, where I have kept a smaller sailing boat  to sport during a few weeks in the summer (my favourite sailing boat – Miranda –  is in Rundvik, in Northern Sweden). Ystad is also known for being a center for painters, artworks and craftsmanship, as in general it is all the Österlen region, which begin in Ystad towards Simrishamn. This is the house where I have my painting atelier and the mechanical facilities (I will post some interior pictures later on during the Spring). This Spring I also intend to restore the white Volvo Amazon (vintage 1965) shown in one of the pictures below; more pictures of my restored Amazons here. The house is nice, ample and gifted with some veritable apple, plums, and cherry tress. But the main problem is that I do not spend enough time in Sweden, and when I am over there in the summer I always try to be in Rundvik as much as I can, to enjoy the sailing season there. Among other nice reasons, from Rundvik is even possible to sail to Finland.

Da house

My favourite flowers

the house's duckpond

flowers from Rundvik

me happy party

a side

apple tree

Ystad boat

beloved amazon



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