Biographic articles

1.   Biographic articles on Marcello Ferrada de Noli

1.1. Español

1.2. Svenska

1.3. Italiano

1.4. English

2. der Freitag Blogger Vittorio Ferrada-Noli hält ein flammendes Plädoyer für eine Grundsatzdiskussion um das Urheberrecht – statt langwierigen Scheingefechten vor Gericht 24.02.2009

3. Professorn har seglat i farliga fartvatten. A personal interview by Dagens Nyheter. Click on the clip below to enlarge

4.  Arbetarbladet

5. Ystads Allehanda (Click on image for texts in Ystads Allehanda, and in cover below for a chronology with pictures depicted in Professorsblogg)



“Professor burns for democracy and painting” – Interview [Swedish] in Ystad Allehanda on my 70th birthday


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