Antonio de Noli and descendants


link to the site The De Noli descendants

Participating in the celebrations of the 550 anniversary of Cape Verde discoveries by  Genoa Captain Antonio de Noli


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Click  on picture for the RAI-3 documentary on Antonio de Noli (TGR Liguria May 8th 2010)

On Antonio de Noli:

1. Short biography,  2. A greeting to the Cape Verde people,  3. From Noli (Italy) to Cape Verde – 550 Years,  4.  Biographic texts on Antonio de Noli in De Noli. the Italian Bond,  5The de Noli descendants, 6. Partisan-heroe Alice Noli, 7.  Returning to Italy. Historic and genealogical research on Antonio de Noli’s family descendants in Cesena and Genoa 1497 – 1881.

Short biography of Antonio de Noli in other languages

(Wikipedia – English)   (Wikipedia – Italian)  (Wikipedia – Swedish)   (Wikipedia – Portuguese)   (Wikipedia – German)
More texts on Partisan  heroe (2nd World War) Alice Noli . Felicita Noli. War-name Alice 



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